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Oval Silver Ring with Coral - Size P - Product Code RS37036

Seller: goldstonesilver.com

Silver and Natural Stones Collections This is another exclusive creation from GsS. Coral comes in many different colors (in red, rose, orange, blue, white and black). Coral is the skeletal material of calcium carbonate, built up by small animals that live in colonies in the sea. Product details: This product is 925 polished Silver, with dual joining band for extra comfort. The ring size is approx 17.7mm (diameter) or UK Ring Size "P". The product (maximum) dimensions are approx 36mm * 31mm. The product weight is approx. 28.4 grams About the stone Coral is the anniversary gemstone for the 35th year of marriage. Coral is especially fragile. Protect coral from scratches and sharp blows. Store corals in separate boxes. Also avoid large temperature changes. Do not clean coral in a home ultrasonic cleaner

Vendor Price: 55.00