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Triangular Silver Ring with Moss Black Agate - Size P - Product Code RS33725

Seller: goldstonesilver.com

Silver and Natural Stones Collections An exclusive creation from Goldstone Silver. Agates come in many different varieties. Some say its name derive from Greek and means happy. Product Details This product is 925 polished Silver, with dual joining band for extra comfort. The ring size is approx. 17.8 mm (diameter) or UK Ring Size "P". This product dimensions are approx. 37,5mm * 31mm This product weight is approx. 29 grams About the stone: Agate is the birthstone of Taurus and is also the anniversary gemstone for the 12th year of marriage. Moss agate (also called mocha stone) is a semi-precious gemstone formed from silicon dioxide. This mineral is commonly found in limestone and granite. It is a form of agate which includes minerals of a green colour embedded in the chalcedony, forming filaments and other patterns suggestive of moss. Despite its name, moss agate does not contain organic matter and is usually formed from weathered volcanic rocks.

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